I have been designing and creating teddy bears and other fun creations for the past thirty three years now. It is always fun coming up with new ideas for that next project. I take a lot of pride in each piece that I finish before I put it up for adoption~~I am a self taught artist and have been known to toss a few heads across the room from time to time!! :)

I design and create each piece myself, and yes sometimes I talk to them!!

In the past I have traveled all over the country with my wares, meeting many wonderful people along the way. I now mostly stay at home in my studio creating and putting my little friends on EBay and my web site.

Each design is made with quality materials using mohair and alpaca furs mostly. I am always looking for that special piece and often find a great vintage mohair coat or wrap!!

German glass eyes are used in most of my creations. I also use antique shoe button eyes for that special look. I hand stitch the noses and wax them lightly. I sculpt and shade each piece to bring out their special personality.

Poly/fill, pellets, bb's and coated glass beads are used to stuff their bodies. The pellets and bb's are placed in a secure pouch and placed in their tummy. I usually put a wee bit of the coated glass beads in their feet so they can stand by themselves easier.

When I finish each creation I embellish them with special clothing that I make, or a wonderful vintage piece that I have found.

I always make a tag for each bear, bunny, kitty or puppy when they travel to their new mommy or daddy. The tag is a photograph of that creation with all of the information, dated and signed.

*I am very thankful to be able to do what I love to do~~


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